Proven cleaning power of blade-type dryer fabric cleaner helps paper manufacturers improve productivity and reduce production costs

We have been engaged in the installation, transportation, and modification of machinery mainly for the papermaking industry for 35 years since our establishment as AOKI Machinery Co.
Based on this experience, we have developed felt cleaners and dryer fabric cleaners as a manufacturer of paper machine cleaning products to deal with various types of contamination. Our cleaning methods will solve your problems.

For paper companies with problems such as the following:

Defect generation and production loss due to pitch contamination

Insufficient removal of contamination by high-pressure washing and chemicals

Desire to install and maintain cleaning equipment at low cost

Introduction of AOKI Cleaner

AOKI Cleaner was developed in collaboration with a leading company in the field of metalworking machinery, and the blade made of a special hard material is the heart of AOKI Cleaner. The cleaning power of our unique technology keep cleanly the dryer fabrics condition.

Case Examples

  • Corrugating Medium
  • Linerboard
  • White Paperboard
  • Woody Paper
  • Printing/Information Paper
  • Gypsum Board Paper

More than 100 units have been installed in Japan and around the world for a wide variety of special paper and other applications.

Ordering Information

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